Are You Going Through a Divorce? Here’s Why You Need To Hire a Family Lawyer

Breaking up with your spouse is quite unfortunate and might lead to either partner filing for divorce. Divorce cases are pretty intricate due to their sensitive nature. From child custody and division of assets to tax implications and applicable laws, there are numerous things to consider, which is why you shouldn't navigate the divorce process without the help of a reputable family lawyer. If you are facing a divorce, here are four reasons why enlisting a divorce lawyer is a prudent decision: Read More 

Is Your Family Planning to Adopt a Child? See the Major Reasons Why You Need to Involve an Experienced Family Lawyer

Thousands of people across the world will try to expand their families every year through the adoption process. It is a legal process that transfers the parenting responsibilities and rights permanently to the adoptive parents. However, if you are planning to adopt a child, you need to understand that the entire process has its share of ups and downs. For instance, finalising the adoption process may take months or even years. Read More 

3 Crucial Things You Shouldn’t Forget to Do When Filing a Divorce Case

If you thought that separation is just a small break-up, you are wrong because it's a process that requires the spouses to make some of the hardest life-decisions. Leaving someone you have always lived with can be hard, and working out the divorce logistics involved could even make it harder. Divorce involves several stages and how you behave in stage determines whether you would lose or win the case. If you have to divorce, you need to assess the situation first and do a few things before the divorce process begins. Read More 

How to Locate Your Child If Your Ex Has Moved Them Away

If your ex hasn't returned your child after a custody visit, then you'll take steps to get your child back. This isn't always easy. For example, your ex may have decided to move away with your child without telling you. You don't have any idea where they are, and you can't get any of your ex's friends or family to talk to you about it. What can you do to locate them? Read More 

Why Family Court Is Not Always the Last Resort for Warring Ex-Partners

When two people are in the process of separating, things can get heated quickly. It's not unusual for disagreements to elevate into outright warfare, and for the two positions to move further and further apart, instead of reaching a compromise. This can be a potentially disastrous outcome, especially if children are involved. Even if they aren't, serious disagreements can simply protract the all-important settlement phase, prohibiting all parties from getting on with their lives. Read More